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Glenn Beck Douses "Average American" in "Gasoline" in Effort to Mock Obama

Glenn Beck (Asshole – Faux News) accused President Obama of deliberately disenfranchising "us" (no word on who the "us" is), and by disenfranchisement apparently Beck assumes that the American citizenry is vehemently opposed to everything from Social Security to recent suggestions by Administration officials that perhaps it is time to rethink America's relationship with Cuba. Beck prattles off a litany of Obama Administration "offenses" whilst pouring mock gasoline on a guest dubbed an Average American. Beck then asks, "President Obama, why don't you just set us on fire?" And CONservatives wonder why people are turning away from them in droves...

This has to be seen to be believed (thanks again to Media Matters):



"And Conservatives wonder why people are turning away from them in droves..."

You know, I really hope that is the case. I really hope sane people (including conservatives) can smell how desperate these blowholes really are. It would seem obvious, it would seem apparent, it would seem natural that any decent person--regardless of political philosophy--would at least give the president the benefit of the doubt in these crazy times. The same way people gave Bush the benefit of the doubt post-9/11. You hope that spirit is still alive. You hope there's more guys like the one who called Limbaugh a few days ago (below) out there. But you never know.

actually, i agree with Beck to a point - I wish Obama would just shoot him in the head too.
(not that i advocate shooting people, but since Beck suggested it...)

or, as my gaffer says, when someone's determined to hang themselves, you don't need to hold the rope for them

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