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One Man's Poltical Capital

I find the lede of this Fox News story odd:

From the conscience clause to stem cell research, President Obama has shifted social policy to the left in his first 100 days in the White House. But the reversal of several of his predecessor's regulations has garnered hardly a whimper -- leaving many to wonder how much social issues matter to Americans amid two wars and an economic crisis.

And then you have to love that they turn to Karl Fucking Rove for analysis.

"It's cultural aggression," former Bush adviser Karl Rove told FOXNews.com, adding that policy changes that "inject government" into moral matters -- like the conscience clause -- will have "enormous consequences."

Again, if it's Bush it's even-headed policy, if it's Obama it's "social aggression."

Or could it be that most Americans actually support the President's actions on this subjects? When it was Bush and there was minor support it was "political capital" when it's Obama it's a matter of the populace simply not paying attention. Go figure...

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