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Who Doesn't Love Their Big Brother?

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. On one hand, I am not at all comfortable with the level of surveillance we're all under as American citizens. I didn't like it when word leaked about Bush administration agencies spying on the peace movement and I don't like the idea of the current administration's intelligence agencies monitoring political groups on either side. If it's politically motivated, it's worse.

Then there's the other hand. The bombing in Oklahoma city woke a lot of people up. The fevered pitch some of these protests and loudmouths speaking out against the Obama presidency has a lot of people worried that we're heading toward another disaster. Is it such a terrible idea to keep tabs on extremists on either side of the political spectrum? I'm not sure. I know how I feel from an idealogical standpoint, but I'm not sure where I stand from a personal one.



Rmember: If politically motivated mass murder comes from the Left, it's "terrorism," if it's from the Right, it's "citizens' rebellion."

it's one of those tough issues to grapple with as someone who leans left on social issues. while i personally hate the idea of my liberties being infringed upon by profiling or surveillance, i also understand that sometimes it's needed to provide for the common good. there will always be certain fringe elements that will act out when there's an opportunity and they feel put upon. it really has no ties to party affiliation. just when you feel that things have gotten out of control and you need to take some of that control back into your hands. it's woven into the tapestry of our society.

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