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El Rushbo: Republicans are a Repressed Minority

(via Media Matters) Rush Limpaugh derides the Republican Party because he thinks that they just humbly accept their imagined second-class status and he compares them to black people who were forced to ride in the backs of buses. He declares that conservatives need their own civil rights movement. Because, you know, wealthy conservative capitalists who can afford to run for high office have so much in common with ethnic minorities who had been systematically denied basic rights for centuries.

This simply needs to be heard to be believed. Give it an ear:



i take this almost as a veiled attack at michael steele as head of the gop. all the slavery/black oppression innuendo layered throughout the piece just slams against the race of the leader of the gop. the gop may have become and apologist party, but the only ones they are really apologizing to is rush limbaugh. just more racism spewed from el rushbo. i wonder if anyone in the rupublican party will stand up and say that rush is wrong, crude, and should apologize to michael steele for this thinly veiled racial attack. surely not any of the old gaurd, country club, blue blooders.

i'm amazed that he can paint the gop into such a corner and still expect to be relevant. insomuch he just stated that any race outside of the white old south is not important to the gop. black or latin? rush doesn't care if the gop gets your vote. you're not a true american to him. ridiculous.

Vitas, that's an interesting idea you have regarding Mr. Steele.

The GOP is fucked with Limbaugh. They created this monster and it's now eating them. They willfully leveraged (enabled and even supported) his hate speech to push through any number of bullshit policies and court appointees and are now tied to him. What choice do they really have? Despite the fact that he inflates his numbers, Limbaugh gets more listeners (read: voters) tuning in to him every week than any combination of GOP elected leadership could draw if they were on fire. Those listeners are heavily influenced by Limbaugh. Any voting bloc in the millions gets special attention.

He's really the gift that keeps on giving to the Dems. Every time he pulls shit like this the Dems win another seat in a fast changing district.

Keep defending the white race, Rush. The rest of us don't give a shit.

Keep it up Rush! I hope Republicans never come out from behind your shadow.

The only downside: people really do look to Rush et al. for "education." The other day, I actually had to explain to a guy why it was not "racist" to be proud that Obama is our first black president. I still can't believe the surrealness of that conversation.

OK, actually I can. Conservatives (democrat and republican) have been on the wrong side of race issues since this country began. After the Civil Rights (which they opposed) era, we were all supposed to have become "colorblind," according to their arcane formulations.

Funny how the only time these guys admit racism still exists in America is when a white guy gets passed over for a promotion. Then they're all over it.

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