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Jesse Ventura Takes Sean Hannity to School

While nothing particularly newsworthy (this is FOX News, after all...) was divulged in this exchange between former Minnesota Governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura and FOX New's Sean Hannity, it was fun to watch Hannity get his ass handed to him by somebody who could easily, well, hand his ass to him. Ventura basically calls Hannity a conservative suck-up to the Republicans, reminds Hannity that Obama inherited a bunch of turds from Bush, and opines that he'd rather have a thousand Monica Lewinsky scandals than have one 9/11.

Ventura tells it like it is. Enjoy:

(via Huffington Post)



while hannity is the bigger target, i actually like his run in with brian kilmeade the next day... (from crooks and liars):


I'm digging Ventura's Ben Franklin (as played by Peter Boyle) look.

I think I'm in love.

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