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Somalia - New Republican Vacation Land?

With a wave of desire to secede from the United States sweeping through the ranks of the Republican Party, perhaps it is time for them to heed the time-honored maxim, "America, love it or leave it." But, if they left, where would they go?

I heartily propose that all government-hating, gun loving libertarians and conservatives consider relocating to Somalia. Think about it; the weather is pretty nice most of the time, there are lots of beaches, there are no taxes (hell, there's no government), and the citizens settle their differences out in the streets with assault rifles. What could be more in keeping with the modern American conservative movement and its mores?

From the Somali Tourist Bureau (via the Huffington Post):

UPDATE: Of course, I made my suggestion that conservatives vacation in Somalia in jest. However, it seems that some conservatives/libertarians would take my suggestion very seriously. I humbly submit Reason's ("Free Minds and Free Markets") The Anarchy Advantage in Somalia and this gem called Stateless in Somalia, and Loving It, from the Ludwig von Mises Institute. I should note that these articles date from 2006. I wonder what these goodly conservatives would think of Somalia's burgeoning seaborne piracy industry...

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