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Texas's Perry Talks Secession. Again.

Texas's Republican Governor Rick Perry has repeatedly raised the idea of Texas seceding from the United States because, apparently, he and his Texas Republican brethren don't like it when Washington, D.C. tells them what to do. (No word, of course, from Perry on what exactly it is that constitutes D.C.'s heinous affronts to the state...) But as Keith Olbermann points out, perhaps the Texas-first Republicans, which seems to be about half of Texas Republicans, haven't thoroughly thought through the idea of secession.

(thanks to Daily Kos / MSNBC):



i really like this piece. while i'm an olbermann fan, sometimes i fine myself at odds with his smarminess. though, i have to remind myself it all comes down to entertainment these days. if not, everything would look like bill moyers journal or jim lehrer news hour, which are both fantastic in their own right.

this definitely gave a great eye-opening perspective to what the effects would be after the sound bite of secession.

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