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Michelle Bachmann: Census Doesn't Ask If You're an American, WTF?

The always entertaining Republican Representative from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann, has apparently refused to fill out the questionnaire that she received from the Census Bureau because she doesn't feel that the government should know anything about its citizens. Never mind that in America, we have a government of citizens, elected by citizens. She said that census data was used when FDR rounded up Japanese-Americans between 1942 and 1947 and had them sequestered in internment camps. (Roosevelt? In 1947? Okay, Michelle...) In almost the same breath, though, she laments the fact that the Census Bureau's questionnaire doesn't ask what to her seems to be a paramount question. It doesn't ask, "Are you and American?"

Right, Michelle, because if the government simply asks, for example, an illegal immigrant if he or she is an illegal immigrant, they're going to just fess up, say, "Ooops, my bad," and smile as they wave good-bye on their way back south across the border. And does she really think that if she doesn't share her phone number with the Census Bureau she will effectively go off the grid?

Oddly, I would bet that most (white) conservatives in America today would have supported the herding of Japanese-Americans into camps during World War 2. Recall the knee-jerk suspicion of any and all dark and swarthy men in the post-9/11 hysteria and consider the ongoing conservative support for detaining and torturing anybody merely accused of maybe perhaps being involved in terrorist activities, however tenuous that involvement, and "liberal" formalities like evidence and trials be damned.

Bachmann is such an idiot that she even makes Glenn Beck roll his eyes. No small feat, that. Dig it (via MediaMatters):



she's so crazy i can't decide whether i want the good people of minnesota to vote her out or keep her around for the great entertainment value that she provides.

i literally get a smile across my face every single time she shows up on some talking head show, because she's guaranteed to say something totally out of left field.

You mean right field...

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