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SC Gov. Mark Sanford a Democrat? Only on Fox News

Proving once again that Fox News is not a legitimate news source, or that the family-values Republicans wouldn't know hypocrisy if it kicked them in the balls, or that what now passes for a conservative movement in America doesn't have the character to address truths that it finds inconvenient, or maybe all of the above, Fox News saw it fit to identify Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford as a Democrat in its broadcast. For those of you who haven't heard yet, Sanford, after having disappeared for a week without telling anybody (including his wife and children) where he was going (okay he told people he went hiking in the woods), showed up back home after a trip to Argentina (!) where he apparently had a sexual escapade with a woman he met on-line. I hope he got some frequent flier miles, at least.

Media Matters caught a screen shot.

Fox News apparently has a history of deliberately misidentifying misbehaving Republicans as Democrats: Arlen Specter (back in 2007), Lamar Alexander, Mark Foley, and even John McCain back in February of 2008 when he was then only in contention for the Republican presidential nomination. Perhaps McCain wasn't sufficiently Republican for Fox News's taste.

How long can a political party or movement stand if it is built on pure bullshit?

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