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Careening Toward Palinland?

As my Democratic friends and I have basked in the glow of Obama's presidency these last six months I have tried to temper the euphoria with some cold water reality to ensure we don't suffer the same fate as our 1960s forbearers. In 1968, just four years after LBJ was swept in on a liberal agenda (and maybe a dose and sympathy in the wake of JFK's assassination) that dealt the GOP a potentially fatal blow that sucked the air out of fundraising and splintered it into a party of fringes...we elected Richard M. Nixon.

My fear is that if we get complacent we'll suffer the same consequences and elect someone for whom politics is but a means to right personal wrongs and to hide short comings. That we may in fact create an atmosphere for which the lowest political lifeforms may mutate and evolve into viable candidates is a very real possibility. Bringing my anxiety to a fever pitch is the realization today that Sarah Palin, in resigning her post as Governor of Alaska and kicking the "liberal media" on the way out, is basically reliving the moment when Nixon "retired" from politics after losing the California race for Governor in 1962.

A quick Google search shows I am not alone in this paranoia, which is less than comforting.

I am fortifying my bunker office at GLONO West and stocking up on Chivas while prices are low. If history is any indication there may be very, very dark days ahead.

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