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Just Palin' Around

While there is a whole lot of consternation generated by Sarah Palin's decision that being the governor of Alaska just isn't doing it for her anymore, it seems that perhaps the real reason that she's giving up that gig has more to do with her recreational interests than her moralspiritualpolitical beliefs.

She just wants to have more time being America's favorite middle-aged cheesecake—healthy cheesecake, that is, no high fructose corn syrup or transfats whatever, as in this:


Decry the "mainstream media" though she may for doing all manner of dastardly things to her credibility as relates to her running Alaska or running a political campaign or running a household, it is clear that Palin is all about running.

As she told Dan Simmons in the Runner's World interview: "A great frustration I had during the campaign was when the McCain staff wouldn't carve out time for me to go for a run. The days never went as well if I couldn't get out there and sweat."

That's why the McCain campaign went south.

Sweat, baby, sweat.



there is something afoot at the circle k.

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