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The GOP and Its Birther Monster

Have the nutcase roosters finally come to roost for the GOP? Lee Atwater, the elder Bush's Karl Rove, baited these loonies but never got in bed with them. He knew that it was playing with fire and that ultimately, you can never fully satisfy lunatics. You can't. There is always another conspiracy or another whisper campaign fueling their paranoia and that means you too are susceptible to falling under their suspicion. So you give them play with a wink and a nod but publicly laugh at them whenever possible so as to not freak out the sane voters you really need to win.

Of late though, Republican politicians are finding themselves in increasingly uncomfortable situations. ThinkProgress has a running account of when they either have to fend off angry crowds insistent that "something be done" to take back our country from an interloping foreigner or they actually have to defend their own fanning of flames to incredulous TV hosts.

It's enough to wonder how or if they can ever kill the monster they've created?



The more I think about it, the more I come to realize that the GOP is now, almost exclusively, a party of the former confederacy, texas, and otherwise rural areas populated by uneducated and paranoid white people (a.k.a. White Trash).

The Republicans courted these assholes, and now they own them. Or, maybe these assholes now own the GOP brand.

I don't see this turning around any time soon.

I have zero sympathy.

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