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Conservative Lies Can "Take Over Like Crab Grass" If Left Unchecked

Last night, Bill Maher opined that if the Birthers are allowed to simply keep spreading their evidence-free claims that President Obama is somehow not a natural-born American citizen, such bullshit can seep into the public's collective consciousness and, "take over like crab grass or Cirque du Soleil." With such high profile media personalities as Rush Limpaugh, Glenn Beck, and the once-believalbe, if disagreeable, Lou Dobbs doing everything in their power to propagate the lie that Obama was born abroad (maybe as, what, part of a 50-year long conspiracy brilliantly planned and executed by the Democratic Party to subvert the institution of the Presidency?), the Big Lie might be paying some dividends. According to a Research 2000 survey, less than half of Republicans think Obama was born in the USA. There seems to be a glut of reality-deniers in the South, as one might expect.

Frankly, I'm tired of writing about these morons, but there's a reason why I'm keeping tabs on them. Democrats and other centrists and liberals have all too often written of literally unbelievable Republican bullshit, only to later find that the bullshit was bought by just enough gullible Americans to inflict the intended damage; think about the Whitewater "scandal" during the Clinton years and the fact-free "Swift Boat" attacks on John Kerry.

Here's Bill Maher on the perils of simply deriding conservative liars as ridiculous and stupid and leaving it at that. Watch the "Grand Kenyan:"

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