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Democrats Strike Back

One thing about the Democratic Party in the age of Obama is that it has been fairly responsive to the ever-increasing lunacy of the Republicans. It really only has been in recent years that the Democrats have begun to actually fight, whereas for years (decades?) they would have simply and smugly written off the Birthers and other reality-denying conservatives as not worth thier time, only to find out on election day that conservative bullshit, left unchecked, was powerful enough to move enough low-information voters to vote against their own interests, and install equally intellectually lightweight and ethically dubious right-wing politicians.

And under Obama, the public relations campaign didn't stop on election day. The DNC is out now with a new ad attacking the radical Republicans by exposing them and their tactics for what they are; a fraud. We would never have seen this under a President Gore or President Kerry, which is probably one reason why those presidencies never materialized.

Dig it (h/t Huffington Post):

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