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Devil in the Details?

There was an interesting exchange at a townhall meeting featuring Texas Republican Congressman Pete Olson the other day. As the discussion turned toward healthcare, Olson told the story of the mother of an infant who needed a heart transplant, but had been turned away by a number of doctors until the mother found a specialist on her own. Apparently, the infant's condition had come to light while it was still in the womb. Of course, in Olson's "conservative" view, this would have made the unborn child / infant a public option victim, presumably because a Death Panel would have determined it unworthy of surgery.

A couple of attendees pointed out that it wasn't the government that had initailly turned the mother and unborn child away, but doctors presumably in private practice of one sort or another. That's when it got interesting. Cognitive dissonance seemed to take root quickly as a number of other attendees simply didn't appreciate having that little detail highlighted. Representative Olson, having realized the trap that he set for himself, abruptly ended the discussion. Why spoil a good story with details?

Watch it (H/T Crooks and Liars):



Great clip on how the GOP uses emotion-based pleas and misdirection. Evidence is everywhere. Don't forget the Republican chestnut, flag-waving: "America has the best health care in the world, dadgummit!"

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