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John McCain – Realist

Arizona Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain, while speaking to a crowd of apparently "conservative" constituents at a town hall meeting in Sun City, elicited a chorus of boos for suggesting that President Obama actually respects the Constitution of the United States. He had responded to a comment by a woman who apparently believed that the Federal Government had no constitutional authority to spend money. McCain went on a brief rant of sorts in defense of the concept of allowing competition among proponents of differing policy positions and ideologies (you know, the whole point of democracy) and he even defended President Obama. The crowd didn't want to hear it.

There was a time when I thought of people like McCain as fairly representative of Republicans as a whole. If anything, I think McCain has actually gotten a bit more conservative over the years, but even he seemed taken aback by the crowd's hostility to fundamentally sensible talk.



Looks (and sounds) like the crowd that booed every mention of Obama's name at McCain's concession speech last November. Betcha 95% of them think Medicare is NOT a government program.

95% of them think? - HA!

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