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Rush Limbaugh: Ass Man

Joan Walsh at Salon has been monitoring Rush Limbaugh's obsession with ass play of all sorts and captured this gem from El Rushbo:

"You're trying to make this whole health care debate about me. I didn't start anything. As usual, I'm defending the country...We get tarred and feathered as Nazis because we don't just bend over and grab the ankles and let you guys ram whatever down our throats that you want."

The imagery gets a little complicated when he mixes bending over with having "whatever" rammed down his throat, but I think it's clear that he's worried about taking it from both ends. The poor guy.

Can someone please give this guy a reach-around so he'll shut up?



I think he just resents the fact that some people can actually physically bend over and touch their toes.

Who the heck could possibly give Rush a reach-around? Plastic Man?

Excellent point, Little Timmy. Maybe Hakeem?

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