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Facebook headcase asks: Should Obama be killed?

Right now, there's apparently a poll floating around Facebook that asks "Should Obama be killed?" Potential responses include Yes, Maybe, No, and my favorite, "If he cuts my healthcare."

I can only imagine the high quality American citizen who posted this gem, but I'll assume he or she is poorly educated, bitter, and unpleasant to spend time with. A prediction: this will be a story on the cable news and opinion shows tonight, and Republicans will use the "the left has crazies, too, and in fact, they're worse" defense, rather than acknowledge that their hateful and looney tunes rhetoric has created an environment where this kind of thing qualifies as discourse.

Maybe I should create my own Facebook poll: "Should Dick Cheney be drawn and quartered?" Possible answers: Yes, Maybe, No, and "If he appears on another Sunday morning talk show." Still, doesn't quite capture the vileness of the original. My hat is off to you, Facebook nutjob who authored the Kill Obama poll!

Huffington Post has a screenshot of the poll.

UPDATE: The poll has been pulled down, and the Secret Service is investigating, according to Greg Sargent's The Plume Line.



Its a shame of what this country have come to god bless us all and may the lord protect us..

drawn and quartered? no. waterboarded? definately.
after all, it's not torture, is it, Dick?

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