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Glenn Beck Happy There's no President McCain

From the Even a Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day files...

Glenn Beck and I actually agree on something! Apparently, we both feel that a President McCain would have been worse for America than either a (second) President Clinton or President Obama. Given that this sentiment is coming from a professional Obama-hater, this is no ringing endorsement of Barack Obama. Rather, it highlights an intense hatred of John McCain that many on the Right harbor.

What is up with that? Seriously. While I don't want McCain anywhere near the White House, I don't think a President McCain would have been the end of the world. After eight years of Bush, a President McCain might have even been a breath of fresh air.

Beck told Katie Couric that McCain is a, "wierd progressive like Theodore Roosevelt."

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Glenn Beck: It's Lonely at the Top

A recent ThinkProgress post highlights the jealousies and backbiting poor Glenn Beck is suffering due to his surprising and sometimes confounding rise to the top of the conservative talk heap. Everyone from Rush to Mark Levin is piling on to this babbling buffoon.

As ThinkProgress reports, eter Wehner, a former political adviser to President Bush, recently wrote that Beck is "harmful to the conservative movement" because he's "erratic," "bizarre," and is too interested in "conspiracy theories," which is surely part of why he's so popular. I mean, who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory? And if you run poorly edited video montages behind you while you cry your eyes out on national TV, well that's just showmanship!

But old Rush Limbaugh himself has mocked Beck's 9/12 "protest" as being cheap and disingenuous, which is really saying something from the man who made "Barack the Magic Negro" a staple at redneck family reunions everywhere.

Yeah, it ain't easy being cheesy...or racist...or irrational...


To NeoCons, Bush is God and everything he's said law. He put the stink on McCain in 2000, and it's never coming off.

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