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Lonely Voices Lost in the Woods: Conservative in America

We wouldn't normally re-post something verbatim from another site but I simply have to share this sane, reasonable conservative argument posted on Andrew Sullivan's blog:

"We are not moving from pure capitalism to pure socialism, we are moving from an already highly regulated, corporate- and individual-welfare-saturated economy to an even more regulated and redistributed economy. (And we didn't get to our welfare-saturated state without popular support for trying to minimize risk, however unwisely.) The difference is one of degree, not of kind, which is not to say that we couldn't easily reach a tipping point where differences in degree become paradigm-shifting. Conservative commentators are right to warn about the consequences of our present course, I just wish they did so with a little less recourse to Manichean, conspiratorial, or absurd rhetoric," - Heather Mac Donald.

Sullivan is like many now disillusioned conservatives who joined a movement headed by intellectuals like William F. Buckley and now represented by dolts like George W. Bush and Sarah Palin. Many of these lost souls were compelled to join the Conservative movement because they were drawn to the academic and logical arguments of its leadership. Imagine how depressing it is to now be represented by Truthers, Tenthers, and Glenn Beck.

Now, I still disagree with much of the conservative ideology because I think too much of it is based on false premises of "fairness" and responsibility that only extends to the poor and not to the wealthy...and NEVER to corporations. But I absolutely value a sound argument, regardless of the ideological bent. It's why I read Sullivan's blog every day and why I'll be checking out more from Heather Mac Donald.

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