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Obama Channeling Ali?

Muhammad Ali beats Sonny ListonOne of Andrew Sullivan's readers ponders an interesting point I've been struggling with:

There's another point that ought to be made about this craziness. There have always been a lot of people with crazy political opinions in our country. It's not the existence of these folks that's different now. The difference is the deal with the devil one of the major parties has made by embracing them.

Is this whole healthcare debate and the surrounding madness going to actually help Obama and the Dems who have mid-term elections next year? Remember, Obama is a closer--the guy confounds and pulls out victories from nowhere. He BEAT THE CLINTONS. And while it may be frustrating to watch right now, is the increasingly manic tone of Birthers and other fringe elements going to be the virus that cripples the modern conservative movement and the GOP? Consider your mildly politically aware friends and family (not the political junkies) and then think about whether they'd want to be associated with people bringing guns to townhall meetings. Who will look more sensible when all is said and done?

Is it time to bring this back?



At first I was stymied as to why the Administration wasn't hitting back hard. But when people like Joe Scarborough publicly lament the fact that the Republicans have to resort to race-baiting as opposed to standing on their positions on the issues, it drives home how far around the bend the Republicans really are.

Why interfere with your opponent's self-destruction?

"You lie!"

Thanks, I just needed to get that out.

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