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Top Dem Money Man Indicted

Politics and money are both dirty business and when you look to high finance and high office, it gets mighty messy mighty quick.

Enter: Hassan Nemazee, one of the biggest Democratic fundraisers in modern times. You may not know his name, but your Democratic candidates sure do. He was a top earner for the Clintons and Kerry, as well as the chief fund-raiser for Chuck Schumer's mid-2006 term run. That means he had a LOT of pull in those campaigns. Money talks, sucka.

Now Namazee is charged with running a $292 million Ponzi scheme that is sure to include some political heavy hitters. When prosecutors announced the indictments yesterday they claimed Nemazee had used the proceeds of his alleged fraud "to make donations to the election campaigns of federal, state, and local candidates." That doesn't sound good.

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