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Palin Drives Conservatives Crazy: Keene V. Ziegler

This is awesome. Conservative activist and filmmaker John Ziegler and David Keene, the Chariman of the American Conservative Union get into a dust-up over Keene's criticism of Palin and hilarity ensues.

KEENE to Ziegler: You are a liar! ... [grabbing the microphone] I said this is over! You got it? Over! ... Get out of my face! ... I'm not going to hit you, but I'd like to. ... I'm not answering anything to you because you're a jerk. ... You're a scumbag. ... You're an asshole. Got that on the air? Asshole.

CPAC organizers tried to kick Ziegler out and even called the cops! Ziegler was supposed to be on a panel for the event but eventually left on his own. ThinkProgress has the video and it's well worth the ten minutes to watch these guys go nuts.

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