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Andrew Sullivan Has Had Enough!

andrew-sullivan-why-i-blog-wide.jpg I think it's obvious that I am not a conservative, but I do certainly value a reasoned and rational conservative argument if for no other reason than to keep challenging my own thought process. I also absolutely believe in a check on power, regardless of the political bent of that power. It's why I think an opposition party is important to the functioning of our republic. But my desire is for honest opposition and one based on facts and reason and intellect. That again is irrespective of which party is in office and which is in opposition.

It's hard to imagine an opposition party more fractured and intellectually corrupt as today Grand Old Party. From the Birthers to the Ten Percenters to the Tea Partiers and the Death Panelists, the Republican party in particular (and the American Conservative movement in general) is sick with crackpots and sharpies. If I am dismayed imagine what it's like for a classic conservative like Andrew Sullivan who today writes:

At the core of real conservatism is a distinction between theory and practice, a deep resistance to ideology, a respect for free inquiry and the philosophic spirit, a respect for social stability and coherence, a moderation in governance and a deliberation in action.

It is really time to point out that what Hannity represents, what much of Fox News represents, is not a defense of conservatism but one of conservatism's deepest, most vicious and most pernicious enemies. I am sick and tired of having this political tradition coopted and vandalized in this manner.

Poor guy.

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