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Cato Institute: Obamacare Would Cost Money!

Well, duh!

More to the point, an article posted at Cato-at-Liberty informs us that, "Cato Adjunct Scholar Aaron Yelowitz concludes that the cost of President Obama's health care plan would fall inordinately upon younger Americans, meaning they are in essence being asked to subsidize the care of their elders." Yelowitz also stated that,

"(Obmacare) legislation would force most or all Americans to purchase health insurance (an "individual mandate") and would impose price controls on health insurance ("community rating") that would limit insurers' ability to offer lower premiums to low-risk enrollees."

Offer lower premiums to low-risk enrollees? – That's a nice piece of linguistic jiu-jitsu. Isn't that the same as saying that insurers would face limits on their abilities to raise premiums on enrollees who present risks, such as individuals with pre-existing conditions or family hereditary histories of contracting certain diseases?

And since when HAVEN'T younger people subsidized the care of their elders? That's sort of the whole point of insurance, public or private. A large group of people pay into a system while they can so that if and when they as individuals are faced with a catastrophe, it doesn't completely financially decimate them. At least, that's the way it used to be.

I don't recall Candidate or President Obama promising anybody that any form of government-provided healthcare or insurance would be cost-free.



Good one! yeah, isn't it the case that criticism of "Obamacare" pretty much amounts to trying to make what insurance already does sound scary?

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