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Palin Booed in the Heartland

My fears that she's an actual political threat allayed (for now), I can watch the Sarah Palin Show for pure entertainment value.

This week, Sarah gets booed and heckled by a crowd who waited in line to have their copies of Going Rogue signed only to be turned away. As noted Sarah Palin hater Andrew Sullivan said, "That's the trouble with populism: the populace can get mad if they don't get all their books signed. "

Sarah Palin Booed, Heckled in Indiana

Sarah Palin: iTunes, Amazon, wiki

Andrew Sullivan: iTunes, Amazon, wiki



I think that Palin's appeal is that she has tapped into a masochistic vein that runs deep under the whole puritan ethos. That whole deviant, sex-as-punishment scene can explain a lot of strange behavior...

Anyways, I'm not letting my guard down as long as the Idiot Factor is in play.

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