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9iu11ani Forgets About 9/11

So, I was just finishing my lunch while watching CNN and they played a clip of Former New York Mayor and Republican Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. Apparently, while being interviewed on Good Morning America, he criticized President Obama's approach to terrorism, using the example of the near-tragedy on Christmas Day as a sign of the Obama Presidency's shortcomings. To highlight his perceived contrast between the Bush Administration's and the Obama Administration's approaches to terrorism, he said that there were no attacks on American soil during the Bush years. That's right, the guy who became "America's Mayor" when his city was attacked on September 11, 2001 and subsequently forged a campaign to seek the Republican nomination for President that banked almost entirely on his role in the response to 9/11, seemed to have forgotten 9/11. Never mind that Republicans scream all day long that Americans, and Democrats and anybody else who isn't ultra right-wing, has forgotten the lessons of 9/11.

A few minutes after I saw Rick Sanchez run the Giuliani clip, Sanchez shared with his viewers a statement from a Giuliani that clarified and corrected the former mayor's misstatement. At first, that might seem to be the appropriate response from Team Giuliani. After all, Giuliani certainly wouldn't be the first public figure to misspeak on camera. I think then-Candidate Obama, after a hectic day on the campaign trail, once said that the USA had 58 states.

However, I wonder if there isn't something else going on here. The only people who are going to see or hear Giuliani's correction are those of us who pay close attention to politics. I wonder if Giuliani deliberately made the misstatement, knowing that the bulk of Good Morining America's viewers might not going to think about his statement enough to think something was wrong with it, much less look for a retraction or correction. If enough right-wing mouthpieces issue enough history-rewriting statements often enough, eventually people will begin to believe it. This sort of thing is standard fare for FOX News and other conservative misinformation outlets.

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