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Sanchez v. Ensign in Interview Standoff

A few things bother me about this exchange between CNN's Rick Sanchez and Senator John Ensign (R-NV) that has some people worked up that this was some sort of ambush on the senator.

1. Ambush? That's nonsense. The deference already afforded to government officials by the media in order to secure access to said officials is bordering on pandering. The role of the media is to be a check on power so I don't have a problem with tough questions for any politician, especially those relating to abuse of power as Ensign of which Ensign has been accused.

2. Speaking of deference...what is up with the set-up? How many ways can Sanchez tickle Ensign's ass before he finally asks the tough question? Ensign has always tried to be a "stand-up guy?" Explain that to his wife and the dude who is married to his girlfriend. Oh that's right, you can't because Ensign and his parents paid them off.

3. Sanchez, upon hearing multiple times that his subject would NOT answer the questions, should have said, "So, you're refusing to address these issues, Senator? Is that how you'd like this reported?" Never, ever accept the dodge, "I have already answered these questions..."

4. And what mouse is in Ensign's pocket since he's clear that "we" will be cleared of all charges. He is the only one facing ethics charges.

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