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Sullivan: Now Fight!

It's been a tough week, that's for sure, but not the disaster to Democrats and liberals some (including many Democrats and liberals) would have you believe. So now it's a test of your mettle. Are you up to the fight? Andrew Sullivan lays out the stakes:

This is about more than health reform and we have to see it in that context. This is about a cynical nihilist attempt to break this presidency before it has had a chance to do what we elected it to do by a landslide vote. It is an attempt to destroy a majority's morale, to break a president's foreign policy autonomy, to prevent engagement in the Middle East peace process, to stop action on climate change, to restore torture, to increase tensions with the Muslim world, to launch a war on Iran. We cannot delude ourselves that if Obama fails, this is not the alternative. It is.

Barack Obama is talking a good game and we'll see if he's up to the task, but what are you going to do?

Sullivan is still at it, encouraging everyone (including the President) to get mad and fight back.

He must not just rally the House Dems, he must rally the country. He must bring us back in. And we must back him up. This is not just about a centrist comprehensive health reform bill. It is about defeating an entire brand of cowardly, cynical, spin cycle bullshit that has brought this country down and promoting an adult and reasonable discourse that grapples with our problems.

Remember, this is coming from a conservative who is disgusted with where the American conservative movement has gone.

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