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Were African Americans Better Off Under Slavery? One Congressman Seems to Think So.

(via Media Matters) - Arizona Congressman Trent Franks recently floated the idea that African Americans were better off under the jobs program known as Slavery than they are under "the policies of today." Franks suggested, without citing a source, that half of all black children today are aborted. Therefore, he seems to believe, those supposedly aborted children (they are children to him, not fetuses... - but I'll leave the weight of those details to our humble readers...) would have been better off enslaved than aborted.

This video is close to ten minutes long, but it is worth watching to get a glimpse into some of the thought process that drive the modern conservative movement.

And all of this during Black History Month! (Have you ever noticed that Black History Month is February, the shortest month of the year?)

BTW: Franks seems to await the moment when Rachel Maddow, "wakes up and smells the coffee." Wonder what he meant by that...

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