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Oh, Boy, Those Teabaggers are Really Really Angry!

It looks like this weekend will be one of monumental historical importance, whether sweeping changes to American healthcare are signed into law or not. If not, then this weekend will be a major victory for those who think nothing is wrong with how America addresses a multitude of healthcare issues, from costs to access and many things in between. If the pending reforms (however imperfect) are passed, then there are a few things that we can expect to see in the near future, including tax credits for small businesses to assist them in purchasing healthcare plans for their employees and assistance to those with pre-existing conditions who are routinely denied coverage under the current system.

One other thing we can count on if healthcare reform passes is outrage on America's political Right as they scream that the only thing that should ever come between a doctor and a patient is an insurer's bottom line. It will be particularly fun to watch the Teabaggers, as this would "prove" to them that America has made the transition to full-fledged communism. Indeed, the Teabaggers have descended upon Washington, DC, to express their outrage at such an affront to human decency. Some of their ilk have taken to spitting on Congressmen or calling them faggots or niggers.

If the Teabaggers are stupid enough to actually think that pending healthcare legislation is the work of communists, then I suppose it would be fair to expect to hear them call certain members of Congress commies or reds or some such. But faggot? Nigger? This suggests to me that there is another motivator common among the Teabaggers that lurks just beneath the surface.

Just for fun, here's a collection of Teabaggers' protest signs that perhaps tell us a bit more about what many of them really think (see if you can guess what they're really upset about):

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