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Update: Chickens for Checkups

In case you missed it, the latest suggestion for an alternative to Obamacare, or, perhaps, any kind of care at all, was put forth by Nevada Republican Senate hopeful Sue Lowden. She suggested that people revert to the time-honored barter system to settle medical bills. By time-honored, I mean this is what people did before there was, like, money. She suggested that people get creative and offer doctors items such as chickens or physical labor in exchange for medical services. And she was serious.

A spokesperson for Lowden told Talking Points Memo today that:

Bartering with your doctor is not a new concept. (No shit?) There have been numerous reports as to how negotiating with your doctor is an option and doctors have gone on the record verifying this.

Well, I feel better. There have been numerous reports of doctors willing to work for trade? I'm sure there are documented incidents of such transactions, as there are many doctors who volunteer at clinics, but to seriously offer barter as a solution to the healthcare crisis on a national level is like advertising for a telemarketing job and saying, "Earn as much as $10,000 a month," knowing that while it might be mathematically possible to earn that much, you're more likely to make a few hundred a week.

Anyway, The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has put together a nice little form letter that you can fill out and send to Lowden. Basically, just pick your ailment and pick what you're willing to offer in trade and submit. Hopefully, she will get back to you with tips on what doctors or medical facilities are willing to take up your offer.

Personally, I want to trade two goats for relief of my ill humours.

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