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Attitudes and the British Petroleum Disaster

Louisiana Congressman Charlie Melancon (D) shared his thoughts on the British Petroleum oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico at a subcommittee hearing on Thursday. His brief speech and his delivery say it all:

Just for fun, let's compare Melancon's thoughts with those of Fox News's oil/energy/environmental expert Brit Hume, whose attitude seems to sum up Right-wing sentiment about the unfolding disaster:

I'm not too familiar with Congressman Melancon, so I cannot say with any authority that his politics lean left, right, center, or some other direction. But I feel pretty safe calling Brit Hume a Right-wing mouthpiece.

This whole disaster is a by-product of Right-wing laissez-faire attitudes. This is why we need an effective federal government. Because this is what happens when we let foxes guard henhouses. Wanna, "Drown government in a bathtub," like Grover Norquist famously wanted to? This is what happens.

Of course, there's plenty of blame to go around. Writing at Slate.com, Christopher Beam has a short list of culprits and how they failed: British Petroleum, Transocean, Inc., Halliburton, the federal Minerals Management Service, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Congress.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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