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KY Libertarians: Rand Who?

Man. Old Rand Paul is just getting his ass handed to him. Now the poor sod doesn't even have Libertarians from his own state on his side, or so they say.

In trying to walk back statements by his vice chair, Kentucky Libertarian Party Chairman Ken Moellman acknowledged to TPM that in their estimation Rand Paul is not a Libertarian at all, contrary to media reports (and the candidate's own pronouncements).

Furthermore, a statement on the group's website says:

Rand Paul is not a libertarian. There are clear differences between the Libertarian Party, including the philosophy upon which is it based, and the philosophy and campaign rhetoric of Rand Paul. While the Libertarian Party shares some stances traditionally associated with the Republican Party, the LP also shares common ground on positions traditionally associated with the Democratic Party, and not always for the same reasons. We are an alternative to the two party system, not constrained by the model that defines both major parties.

Is this guy's campaign doomed a week after winning the primary?

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