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McCain to Hayworth: You Dummy

As we all know well now, John McCain can be a surly bastard, especially when he's in trouble. This week, as Tea Party-ish challenger J.D. Hayworth creeps dangerously close in the Arizona primaries, John McCain unleashes a scathing video calling Hayworth "the dumbest member in congress."

Now, Hayworth deserves to get hammered for saying that the United States never "declared war on Nazi Germany" during World War II in defense of our undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We of course did decalre war on Germany in WWII and Hayworth was forced to acknowledge as much later.

Not one to leave well enough alone, McCain is deciding to commit murder on an opponent already engaged in suicide and we all get to sit back and laugh. Go get 'em, gramps!



I think it's awesome that the McCain campaign is quoting Radar.

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