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Gather Your Armies! (To Fight... ummm... Something!)

There's a fight a-brewin' way down yonder in dixie. It appears that the Tea Party (a.k.a. Teabagger) candidate Rick Barber has forced a runoff election between himself and Republican "establishment" candidate Martha Roby in Alabama's 2nd District Republican primary, despite having been outspent 7 to 1. My first question would be, "Is Barber a Tea Party candidate or a Republican Party candidate?" Oddly, his website seems to identify him as both simultaneously. I'm not sure how that works, but so it is.

Barber's website features a video that has been something of a sensation throughout the tubes of the Internets. This self-styled "patriot" wants to impeach President Obama (for what, exactly, he does not say) and/or lead an armed rebellion against.., against.., well.., I'm not really sure against what, but boy, is he ready to gather an army to rebel:

I'm not sure what Barber's sources of information are or how he arrived at his positions on the issues, but the Tea Party candidate, or Republican Party candidate, or whatever he is this week, has shared his views on a handful of issues that he thinks real Americans care about:

1) In a free market society like ours, the government should not be the engine of job creation.
2) America's farmers are the best in the world, and Alabama's farmers are the best of the best (Fuck you, Iowa!).
3) I am pro-life. Period. - and in the next breath - (I am an...) ardent supporter of the literal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. I believe the right to keep and bear arms is inherent, and not granted by any document or government authority. - Never mind that the 2nd amendment is part of a document called the United States Constitution, drafted by a government authority.
4) I believe that parents should be able to allocate their children's education funds to whatever form of schooling they see fit. This would increase competition for the public schools, and decrease costs over time as incentives for streamlining the process. - Right, because education should be streamlined to reduce costs, like an assembly line, because, you know, all children are identical and have identical learning skills... That, and we could put those pesky public schools out of business once and for all. Hooray for hoam-skoolin'.

And more at his website. Anyway, between Barber, Sue Lowden (who thought that one way to fight rising healthcare costs was to pay for medical services with chickens - no, really, fucking chickens, I shit you not) and Rand Paul (who seems to have a disregard for the entire civil rights movement), it will be very interesting to see what happens when the electoral dust clears (Sue Lowden has been chicken-scratched from the race...), and, perhaps more importantly, who America really is after all of the votes are counted.

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