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Tomorrow night—or Wednesday morning—after the polls are closed and the votes, mainly, counted, there will be a feeling of dismay, no doubt, felt by readers of PolJunk and, dare I say, kindred spirits.

This feeling will be predicated on the fact that more than a few people who are, to be somewhat impolite if accurate, idiots have been elected to office.

And so we wonder: "Is this as good as it gets?"

And we wonder harder about how a critical mass of the electorate could have done such a thing. "What were they thinking?"

Consider this. Last week Zogby Interactive came out with a poll timed for Halloween. But I would argue that it was better timed to say something about a good portion of the body politic. Perhaps that's "zombie body politic."

According to the poll, 37% of U.S. adults say they believe in human or animal ghosts, 24% believe they have been visited by a dead relative or friend, and 20% say they have seen or heard a ghost."

So you wonder why such a large percentage of people have a difficult time understanding, oh, economics?

To quote Count Floyd, "Scary. Very scary."

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