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If At First You Don't Secede...

The Tea Party, emboldened by recent electoral victories, has a nifty new idea that would virtually abolish the effectiveness of the federal government. They're floating the idea of a so-called "Repeal Amendment" to the Constitution that would allow any federal law or regulation to be overturned if two thirds of the states vote to overturn it. (Golly, if only there was some sort of body in the federal government consisting of people who serve as representatives of the citizenry...) It would be the next best thing to outright secession of individual states from The Union.

It gets better. Since two thirds of the states would need to join forces to buck the federal government, smaller less-populated and generally more conservative states could band together to override the representation of the states with the majority of the nation's population. Voila! Minority Rule!

Teabaggers see this measure as a necessary defense against what they perceive as ever-increasing overreach of the federal government. They don't ever want to see the federal government bail out an American corporation ever again as doing so interferes with the magical invisible hand of the free market. Never mind that, for example, while allowing General Motors and Chrysler to simultaneously go bankrupt and fold during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression might have been the ideologically pure thing for the Tea Party to do, it would also have wrought tremendous economic havoc as millions more would have joined the unemployment lines. Since we're talking about automobile manufacturers, I wonder if the Teabaggers have ever thought about whether or not such companies would even exist without a taxpayer-funded nationwide network of roadways; very few people would buy cars without roads to drive them on.

Of course, this all raises the question: Does the Tea Party even want to have a federal government at all? Why not just splinter into 50 different independent nations? Once that's done, I suppose individual counties might want to assert their rugged individualism and secede from each of the new 50 nations. Then individual cities and towns could further declare their independence and shed the outlying county areas. - And on and on until there is no government at all, just a lawless bunch of people running around with assault rifles solving problems the way they did in the Old West (a.k.a. "Real AMerica" - you know, the American West before it was actually part of America), or perhaps the way they do in the modern-day analogue - Somalia. Yes, some libertarian idealists actually think Somalia is a valid model. Think I'm joking?

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