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NYT: The D.E.A. now has 87 offices in 63 countries

A New York Times article paints a picture of an expanding Drug Enforcement Agency that's increasingly in ethically questionable situations abroad:

Like many of the cables made public in recent weeks, those describing the drug war do not offer large disclosures. Rather, it is the details that add up to a clearer picture of the corrupting influence of big traffickers, the tricky game of figuring out which foreign officials are actually controlled by drug lords, and the story of how an entrepreneurial agency operating in the shadows of the F.B.I. has become something more than a drug agency. The D.E.A. now has 87 offices in 63 countries and close partnerships with governments that keep the Central Intelligence Agency at arm's length.

If you're looking for places to cut federal spending, why not start with the D.E.A. and the War on Drugs in general? That's an easy $50 billion right there.

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