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Paul Krugman makes me angry

Paul Krugman makes me angry. Why? Because basically every column he writes for The New York Times does a great job of cutting through the chaff and highlighting the hypocrisy of Republican (and sometimes Democratic) politicians and what a disaster they are for the future of the United States. Yesterday's column, The New Voodoo, is a good example. An excerpt:

How did Republican leaders reconcile their purported deep concern about budget deficits with their advocacy of large tax cuts? Was it that old voodoo economics — the belief, refuted by study after study, that tax cuts pay for themselves — making a comeback? No, it was something new and worse ... 2010 marked the emergence of a new, even more profound level of magical thinking: the belief that deficits created by tax cuts just don't matter. For example, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona — who had denounced President Obama for running deficits — declared that "you should never have to offset the cost of a deliberate decision to reduce tax rates on Americans."

Magical thinking is a great description of how Republicans approach governing. None of their thinking is based in reality. They just make stuff up to justify protecting their super rich supporters and handlers. Like tax cuts for the rich will magically improve the economy. Which they won't, never have, and never will.

Damn you, Paul Krugman, for engaging in reality-based thinking! That's so 1940s! It went out of style a loooong time ago.

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