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Was the Gabrielle Giffords Assassination Attempt a Product of Right-Wing Manufactured Outrage?

So, was it? One thing is certain; Jared Lee Laughner has a few screws loose. Perhaps the sort of thing like the assassination attempt (and murder of a number of other people) on Arizona Congesswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D) is an unfortunate inevitability in a free nation; that the freedoms we afford ourselves also inadvertently apply to those who lack either the capability or the will to accept the responsibilities that accompany freedom. Is the hole in Gifford's head the product of lax gun laws in Arizona? That argument might be easily made.

Or is something else going on? With the constant drumbeat of anti-government (which is to say anti-democratically elected American government) rhetoric spewing forth from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Michael Savage, et al, maybe it was simply a matter of time before some unhinged individual such as Laughner took a cue from the Right-Wing talking heads and busted off a few rounds. On that note, here's Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik:

Of course, it really helps people like Laughner if such luminaries as Sarah Palin identify which Democrats need to be shot by putting them in crosshairs in her website.

So, was this just some lone deranged gunman? Or was this a not-so-random attack spurred on by manufactured Right-Wing rage in a sort of murder-by-proxy?



It was a lone deranged gunman, but it should be depicted as a byproduct of Right Wing rhetoric. I don't care if that's cynical; I'm sick of how equinanamous and rational we libs can be. Foist Palin and the TEA party on their own fascist petard. If they want to pose with guns and hold firing range rallies because it's cute to tweak liberals, we should by all means call them out. If they can put forth the meme of Kenyan Communist Muslim Usurper out to destroy America every hour of every day, they can try to explain their numbnuts ways to the public.

And if they feel it is unfair to let one act stand in for their worldview, they can go ask a Muslim how to deal with it.

It astounds me, but at the same time I'm not surprised, that the party that politicized the murders of 2,500 Americans on 9/11 for political gain for nearly a decade has a problem with another party using the murders of a handful of Americans for political gain.

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