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So This is Limited Government?

Rick Snyder, Michigan's new Republican governor, seems to be taking the concept of limited government to a whole new level. Apparently, there is the possibility that citizens in Michigan's communities elect the wrong individuals to positions in local government. Fortunately for Snyder, as the good people at Forbes reported, a new law is in the works that would allow him to simply fire those elected officials at his personal discretion. What's more is that if this law passes, he will have the ability to single-handedly dissolve entire local governmental bodies; he would be able to declare towns and cities non-existent. Thus, he will be able to uphold the modern conservative dream and limit the people's abilities to govern themselves. Limited government, indeed.

The new law would apparently allow a governor, upon declaring a financial emergency (whatever that might mean...), to replace elected officials, such as mayors, with Emergency Managers of his own choosing. Of course, it would be interesting to see such a law challenged in the courts, but if the courts are properly stacked, then I suppose the sky's the limit.

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