October 23, 2007

Tell Your Rep to Say No to Telecom Immunity

EFF: Tell Your Representative to Say No to Telecom Immunity This past Wednesday, the Administration's allies resorted to procedural gimmicks and fear-mongering to prevent the House from voting on the RESTORE Act, which would significantly repair much of the damage...

August 19, 2007

"You're going to look super in a burka!"

Remember that Cheney video from 1994 we posted last Sunday? It's been the talk of the town the past few days, and Chris Matthews took the topic up on Hardball this past Friday. This woman Melanie Morgan was on the...

July 25, 2007

Tell BP: Don't Pollute Lake Michigan!

Take Action: Tell BP: No More Dumping in the Great Lakes British Petroleum is planning for a 54 percent increase in ammonia and a 35 percent increase in solid waste containing dangerous heavy metals to be dumped into Lake Michigan....

June 12, 2007

Instant Karma: Save Darfur

Today, Amnesty International released a collection of John Lennon covers by the likes of U2, Black Eyed Peas, and even Christina Aguilera, the goal of which is to bring more attention to the genocide going on in Darfur and fund...

June 11, 2007

50 MPG by 2017

Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) - one of about 30 Democratic Senators making a bid for the presidency - has the boldest plan for addressing global warming. And he knows it. Among other things, it calls for all automobiles to get...

June 6, 2007

Support the OPEN Government Act

Take action! Tell your representatives to Improve the Freedom of Information Act by passing S. 849, the OPEN Government Act of 2007. All you've got to do is fill out your name and address, and the EFF will send your...

June 6, 2006

Save Fair Use: Oppose the Section 115 Reform Act

Urgent: 24 Hours to Save Internet Fair Use The entertainment industry has sneaked language into an obscure copyright bill that could smash Internet fair use. The law implies that licenses from copyright holders are needed for every digital copy made...

May 8, 2006

Stop the Broadcast Flag

Tell Your Senators to Kick Out the Flags! Senator Stevens has introduced a bill that includes not just the broadcast flag, but the audio flag too. Write to your senators now, and tell them to keep the entertainment industry's tech...

April 24, 2006

Edwards Demands Investigation of the President

Former Democratic VP candidate John Edwards has a petition online demanding that, "Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald be empowered to investigate the President's role in manipulating intelligence on Iraq." This would require the US Attorney Genral to make that appointment. Fat chance,...

April 8, 2006

Stop Congress from XXXing with Free Speech!

Senators Mark Pryor (D-AR) and Max Baucus (D-MT) have introduced a bill that would force all sites with material deemed "harmful to minors" to move to an ".xxx" domain or face civil penalties. The Cyber Safety for Kids Act will...
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