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Live Tweeting President's Speech Tonight

Follow our live Twitter feed of the President's address tonight. Catch all our witty comments and earth shattering insights as they happen.

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It was a barn burner. Check out the chatter.

jindal was a joke. his folksy nature came off more like mr rogers talking to a bunch of children than a politician talking to an informed constituency. he's toast. it will be all the ramblings of the political talking heads going through the weekend. the right is going to have to find someone more john wayne with a brain if they want to keep up with the dems.

as it is, the terminator's positive response to the stimulus package and aid to the states basically gave the far right a black eye. the new face of the right will have to become more centrist both in fiscal views and scale back the religious rancor.

it definitely is an interesting time to be alive.

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