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Mind Like a Steele Trap

This is what I'm talking about: I just received a fundrasing email from Michael Steele's RNC with the following unedited message:

So our tax dollars are going to pay AIG executives millions in bonuses! Just another day of good news from Washington.

Meanwhile, don't look now, but Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration is busily working to build up a debt larger than our country or any country has ever seen.

But back to the bonuses. It was a mystery all week how this happened. No one could seem to figure it out.

But then...it leaked out that Democrat Senator Chris Dodd snuck a provision into the massive spending bill that allowed the bonuses to happen.

Dodd denied it at first, then changed his story and now admits that he did it, but says he did it at the request of "Administration staffers".

Finally, the Democrats have been forced to admit that they allowed the AIG bonuses to happen.

This has got to stop.

Please take a minute and click on the link below to watch the RNC's new video exposing the Democrats' latest shell game.

What's funny to me is that Steele overextends and gives an opportunity for Democrats to (once again) call the Republicans disingenuous liars.

First, the self-righteous indignation is undermined by the fact that Republicans did what they could to keep Congress from having any oversight of how a "private" business operates in this country. What's better is that now Senate Republicans are freezing the ability to tax these bonuses that are the target of Steele's rage.

Second, the big "mystery" lasted all of a half a day. Dodd addressed the media and said that it was he and his committee that wrote the language that ultimately led to these bonuses. But Steele can't even get the gist of this story right. It's not that Dodd inserted language into the bill, it's that he was asked to delete language for fear that it would spark lawsuits against AIG, making an even bigger mess. I think there's a valid argument around the wisdom of that move, but at least get the facts straight.

Last, Steele castigates Democrats who "let these bonuses happen" when it was his party who blocked any attempts to ensure they didn't. I gotta give it to him on that one: classic Rovian pivot.

Speaking of...the GOP must really be missing Karl right now.

There's an old saying that you don't commit murder on an opponent who's in the middle of committing suicide. Steele can't help himself though.



Meanwhile, Joe the Plumber is "horny".

He always did remind me of Jeff Gannon.

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