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Rush Limpaugh: Barack Obama = Robert Mugabe

(via MediaMatters.org) Rush Limpaugh, de-facto leader of the remains of the Republican Party, tried to kill two birds with one stone on Tuesday by conveniently "confusing" President Barack Obama with Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe while peddling the tired Right-wing fantasy that unregulated "free" markets are a magic economic cure-all.

"The standard of living has increased in places where there are basic free markets," Limpaugh said. "Where there aren't, of course the standard of living has declined, such as Zimbabwe, now run by Robert Ogabe. Ah... it's Mugabe. I was confusing him with a well-known Kenyan named Barack Ogabe. This is Robert Mugabe."

Give Rush an ear:

Oddly, Mr. Limpaugh didn't elaborate on where these "basic free markets" are located that have are producing skyrocketing standards of living. Nor did he mention that after a quarter century of Right-wing economic policy (yes, this includes Clinton, to a degree), America has a rising unemployment rate, ubiquitous home foreclosures, and newly founded tent cities, none of which qualify as standard of living improvements in my book. Last I checked, we are now in a global economic downturn, which pretty much affects, well, everywhere. An astute observer of America's economy in the last decade (at least) might reasonably conclude that the current crisis is in no small part due to a lack of meaningful regulation and oversight (a.k.a. a "free market"), as Matt Taibbi recently described in Rolling Stone.

It's getting ugly out there.



i really find it laughable how he's touting his ratings are increasing because people are turning against obama.

it's probably more of a morbid curiosity akin to slowing down at the scene of an accident. it's wrong, but you're compelled to do so.

also, from my scant understanding of how radio ratings work, someone that tunes in, albeit briefly, can be counted in the canvas of the total numbers. so, my couple minutes of listening to this blowhard counts as a new listener. one of the throngs that are rising up against obama. i think not.

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