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Quote of the Day: Steve Benen re: Macca vs. Bush

stamp_out_the_beatles.jpg If you haven't heard, conservatives are mad at a Beatle again. Decades after John Lennon caused a stir over his quip that The Beatles were "bigger than Jesus," culture warriors are mad at a Fab again. This time though it's The Cute One.

While accepting an award from the Library of Congress and President Obama, Paul McCartney thanked the president and said that "After the last eight years, it's good to have a president that knows what a library is." Pretty harmless, right? I mean who doesn't make Bush is Dumb jokes? Well, conservatives who are desperately trying to salvage his disaster of a legacy.

Benen sums up the lunacy of their outrage though:

The same day McCartney told a harmless joke about George W. Bush's limited intellect, George W. Bush boasted about having ordered torture as president, and insisted he wouldn't change a thing if he had it to do over again. So, just so we're clear, a musician telling a Bush-is-dumb joke generates a fair amount of outrage in some conservative circles. A former president admitting to ordering torture -- bragging about utilizing a technique that the United States has long considered criminal, and has even prosecuted -- is completely fine. One, in Boehner's mind, requires an apology; the other is a source of partisan pride.


On a note only related because it deals with music, check out the National Review's top 50 conservative rock songs: http://article.nationalreview.com/281095/rockin-the-right/john-j-miller

Actually, it was a pretty classless, smug comment. He should just STFU and enjoy his golden years.

The level of outrage is what's so funny about this, especially in light of the true offenses of the Bush administration.

It's not funny to me. The outrage was so predictable that McCartney just turns out to be the smarmy, smart-ass kid who pokes a hornet's nest with a stick to get a reaction.

As for the true offenses of the Bush administration, the people who don't already realize that Bush was one of the most massive clusterfucks in history are always going to be in denial. And it's not making me laugh at all.

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