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Conservatives: Swine Flu an Attack on America by Illegal Aliens, or Terrorists, or Something! Be Scared!

A chorus of conservative talking heads has been taking advantage of the swine flu outbreak (or, "snoutbreak," if you're Jon Stewart) by using it as a platform to whip up xenophobic hysteria among the conservative base. They do this by insinuating or outright declaring that the swine flu is being carried into the United States by illegal aliens from Mexico or the burgeoning pandemic is part of a bio-terror attack on America or something in between. But whatever it is, you should be SCARED!!!

I present to you, via MediaMatters.org, a conservative greatest-hits of swine flu commentary (warning: Joe Scarborough is the lone conservative voice of reason):

A recent Washington Post / ABC News poll showed that as few as 21 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republicans these days. And with Hispanics being one of the fastest-growing minority groups, one has to wonder what the modern conservative movement's spokesmen are thinking by blaming people of Mexican decent and/or Mexico itself for the swine flu problem. Of course, that would assume that they're thinking... I mean, the last thing they need to do right now is make their tent even smaller.



ugh... fear mongers, the lot of them!

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